Antonio Greco, artist - Vernazza, Cinque Terre - Italy

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about the artist

The first form of art that drew me in were the old “Ex Voto” that hung on the walls of a church in a sanctuary. Those strong colors and blue skies yellowed by time gave light to my fantasies. All of the art that I discovered from then on - the expressive force of Van Gogh, the composition of Klimt, the ingeniousness of Picasso - has never depreciated, even if they exceeded in their artistic significance, those “naive” paintings that sang to me during my childhood.
The ideas, the hallucinations and the nightmares of an artist are transformed into operas, therefore transforming into new, sometimes unexplainable realities. Often comes to mind something that the artist Johannes Hoffman said to me one day, -“To be an artist is craziness, but when you co-exist with art you are almost always happy”-. Confronting a work with the courage to express the craziness of your chosen life gives one a sense of unequaled freedom.

During my early years of study in Florence, my design technique was influenced by the great Italian cartoonists Pratt, Manara, Crepax and Pazienza. Later, the study of architecture induced me to follow a more plastic composition in the surreal style of “Superstudio”. In the 80’s I left painting almost completely behind to dedicate myself to writing, publishing three volumes of poetry and prose and several short stories for weekly publications. During the early 90’s, I opened a graphic design studio in Prato and later, another studio in Milan. At the same time I began to work as a set designer. I returned to live in Vernazza where I had an immediate attraction to found, recycled materials. I believe that a form of art is also that which allows us to interpret experiences, and the ghosts from our past, transforming them into new concepts.

Visiting the grand museums in Europe and the U.S. I have noticed, in many operas of art, a great sense of freedom and great discipline expressed simultaneously. An artist believes in that which he does and creates. He doesn’t lie, but above all he needs to be free.

Antonio Greco was born in Imperia, Italy November 28, 1957. He spent his childhood in Vernazza, on the coast of the Italian Riviera, and later moved to Prato. He pursued the study of architecture at the Università Degli Studi di Firenze from 1977-1983, and later dedicated himself to design and writing.
He has maintained art and publicity studios in both Prato and Milan.
In 1999 he returned to Vernazza, opening the Bottega d’Arte Linea Cinqueterre where he exhibits his most recent work.
Recent solo exhibits include galleries in Hawaii and Grasse, France.
His work can also be found in private collections throughout Europe and the U.S.


solo exhibits
- 2012 SEP:
Carre d'Artistes Expo Gallery - St. Germain, Paris, France
- 2011 JUN:
Carre d'Artistes - 6eme, Paris, France
- 2008 MAR / APR:
Lontano da Agharti - Justin' Art, Grasse, France
- 2007 MAR / MAY:
Senza Eroi - The Balcony Gallery, Kailua, Hawaii
- 2001 / 25 OCT 2011: permanent exhibition space, Bottega d'Arte Cinqueterre -
Vernazza, Italy
- 1992 APR:
Spots - Centro Lavoro Arte, Milano, Italy

group exhibits
- 2011 FEB / APR:
Carre d'Artistes - 6eme, Paris, France
- 2010 FEB:
100 Artists - Mary Lou Zeek Gallery Salem, Oregon USA
- 2009 MAR:
100 Artists - Mary Lou Zeek Gallery Salem, Oregon USA
- 2007 / 2008:
Out of the Sketchbook The Balcony Gallery, Kailua, Hawaii
- 2006 DEC / 2007 JAN:
Out of the Sketchbook - The Balcony Gallery, Kailua, Hawaii
- 1996 OCT / NOV:
Gran Cagnara - Centro Lavoro Arte, Milano, Italy
- 1994 JUN:
Palloni Mondiali - Centro Lavoro Arte, Milano, Italy
- 1994 MAR:
Arte da Indossare - Centro Lavoro Arte, Milano, Italy
- 1993 MAR:
Gatteria in Galleria - Centro Lavoro Arte, Milano, Italy
- 1992 SEP:
Anteprima - Sumithra Arte Studio, Ravenna, Italy
- 1992 AUG / SEP:
Anteprima Italian Contemporary Art - Moon Gallery, Mount Berry, Georgia, USA
- 1992 JUN / JUL:
Anteprima Mostra d'Arte Contemporanea - Spazio Mostre Alternative Barletta, Italy
- 1992 MAR:
Contemporanea - Centro Lavoro Arte, Milano, Italy

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